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CleanMyPC™ Registry Cleaner includes the BHO manager (BHO Cop and Organizer) which let you easily view and manage BHOs in your system.

What does BHO stand for?

BHO stands for Browser Helper Object. A BHO is an add-in program for Internet Explorer. When you use IE (Internet Explorer), it will load all BHOs in your system automatically. Some BHOs are legitimate and add some cool functions to IE, but there are also some BHOs which are adware or spyware (They do things like monitor the websites you visit and report this data back to their creators). The BHO manager in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner will let you view all your IE BHOs in a central place with ease.

Features of the built-in BHO Manager (BHO Cop and Organizer) in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner

  • View the detailed information for each BHO in an easy way (including the program name, path, company information, product information and copyright information)
  • Enable/Disable/Delete specific BHO item
  • Kill Trojans and Spyware which use BHOs! In the list of BHOs, there is a column called safety level, if a BHO is a known spyware/adware or trojan, our product will display it as dangerous and warn you to disable it.

    How to use the BHO Manager (BHO Cop and Organizer) in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner?

    1. Click the "BHO Organizer" (BHO Manager) icon in the left navigation pane.

    2. In the right pane, you will get a list for all BHOs in your system.

    3. You can view the detailed information for each BHO by clicking it. You can also disable/delete/enable it from the right click menu if you want.

    In short, the BHO manager in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner let you organize the BHOs in your system with ease and optimize your system performance.

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