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How Do I Get CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner for Free?

Because of our partnership with TrialPay, you can now get the fully-licensed version of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner, a $29.95 value, for free simply by trying or buying a product from one of our trusted partners.

That means you'll continue to enjoy the world's leading registry cleaner for FREE! Here is how it works.

1. You sign-up with or purchase from one of our affiliates.
2. In return for sending them a new customer (that's you) they pay us your registration fee.
3. You receive a fully licensed, registered version of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner.

How TrialPay works with Registry Cleaner

With offers from trusted names such as eBay, Blockbuster, American Express, AT&T,, T-Mobile, GAP, AVIS, Expedia and 100+ others, we're sure you'll find something you like, so get started now!

TrialPay offer for CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner

You will receive a fully licensed, registered version of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner (with one year subscription) when you successfully sign-up with or purchase from any one of our affiliate partners during the TrialPay checkout. Not all affiliate services are free of charge. Please carefully review the terms and conditions. 

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